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With over 5 years of dedicated service, Peyton Place Janitorial has been a pillar of cleanliness and professionalism since our inception in November 2018. What began as a humble endeavor to support our daughter's education quickly blossomed into a thriving business born out of genuine care and dedication.


Founded by myself and my husband, Peyton Place Janitorial emerged from a place of necessity and compassion. As parents determined to provide the best opportunities for our daughter, we embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship by offering cleaning services to fund her tuition fees. However, what started as a means to an end soon revealed a deeper calling.

Recognizing a significant gap in the market for trustworthy and reliable cleaning services, we realized the profound impact we could make by providing honest and professional cleaning solutions to our community.


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Cleaning Services Offered

Commercial Cleaning

Elevate your business environment with Peyton Place Janitorial's professional commercial cleaning services. Our meticulous approach ensures a pristine workspace that leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees alike.

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Move In Move Out Cleaning

Make moving hassle-free with Peyton Place Janitorial's move in move out cleaning services. Our expert team ensures a thorough clean, leaving your old or new space immaculate and ready for the next chapter.

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Post Construction Cleaning

After the construction dust settles, Peyton Place Janitorial steps in to restore your space to its former glory. Our post-construction cleaning services ensure a spotless finish, so you can enjoy your newly completed project with peace of mind.

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Floor Maintenance

Keep your floors looking their best with Peyton Place Janitorial's floor maintenance services. From regular cleaning to polishing and buffing, our team is dedicated to preserving the beauty and longevity of your flooring surfaces.

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Areas Serviced

  • Kansas

  • Kansas City

  • Topeka

  • Lawrence

  • Manhattan, Kansas

Cleaning Services e

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At Peyton Place Janitorial, we're more than just a cleaning service – we're a family-driven business with a mission.


2611 SW 17th St, Topeka KS 66604


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